It’s important that you can contact us in a way that is easy and convenient for you.

In May 2021, we launched our ‘MyPhoenix’ resident portal, supporting residents to get in touch anytime and anywhere. Residents can book repairs, update their details, make payments and view their statements all in one space.

This means quicker services for those on the go and more time to deliver face to face services for residents in need of in-person support.

Visit our website to find out more and to register.

Together with... Husseina Hamza and Faye Rimdap

“My voice is needed; my voice matters and I can make a change.”

Husseina Hamza, Phoenix Gateway Committee

Husseina Hamza joined the Phoenix Gateway Committee in 2018 and took the opportunity to join the interview panel for the role of Communications and Marketing Manager.

“Being on the Gateway Committee, the opportunity came through, so I put myself forward. I saw it as an opportunity to get involved with my housing association and to see things from the other side.”

As a resident-led organisation, residents play a key role in the interview process and ensure that all employees who join Phoenix are the best fit.

“This was my first time on an interview panel, and I knew it would help me with preparation for job interviews as a candidate,” Husseina said. “I feel as though as I have been able to give back to the community by ensuring that the best people are employed to achieve our aims.”

For Communications and Marketing Manager Faye Rimdap, this was her first introduction to a Community Gateway association and to having a resident on the interview panel. “Having Husseina on the interview panel helped me to better understand Phoenix’s model from the start,” Faye said.

“It speaks volumes on how seriously Phoenix takes the resident voice and value resident involvement in decision making. Husseina’s questions really stood out to me and weren’t the sort of questions I could have prepared for or anticipated. It was really beneficial and made me confident that Phoenix is the organisation I want to work for.”

Three more Phoenix residents receiving training on interviewing during 2020-21. In total, residents on interview panels assisted us with the recruitment of more than 25 staff members.



  • 43,288 phone calls (less than last year)


  • 96% of phone calls were answered


  • 94% of phone calls resolved by General Enquiries


  • 99% of phone calls met our quality assessment


  • Raised over 15,000 cases following residents’ enquiries and calls


  • Monitored 25 data protection near misses to help us learn and take care of the data we hold (24 less than last year) and investigated 27 minor data breaches, (9 more than last year)

Data Protection

  • We progressed plans to improve how we store information and meet the principles of the Data Protection Act

Handling complaints

This year, we published our self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman Code for Complaint Handling. The aim of the code is to improve how housing associations handle complaints by ensuring that they are investigated impartially, resolved quickly and that residents are involved throughout the process.

Your complaints are important to us and help us to identify areas where we need to improve. We gathered feedback from residents through satisfaction surveys, specific surveys on the code and through our Gateway Committee to complete the assessment.

We also provided training for staff on the new code and worked on our service improvement plans for managing complaints.

If you have any feedback on our complaints process, please get in touch. Our full self-assessment is available on our website.

Your feedback matters


  • Received 252 complaints, 228 at stage 1 and 24 at stage 2. 65% were answered in 10 working days


  • Closed complaints in an average of 38 working days


  • 5 complaints were considered by the Housing Ombudsman


  • Learning outcomes were identified from 95% of complaints


  • 40% of you were satisfied with how we handled complaints


  • 0 new leasehold First Tier Tribunal cases were opened in the year, and 1 case was closed

We aim to learn from complaints. The key areas for learning in 2020-21 were:

Clear communication

  • The importance of clear communication and working together internally to resolve issues

Learning together

  • Talking to complainants more while we are investigating and resolving complaints
  • Meeting our targets for responding to complaints or where we need more time updating complainants on our progress

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