“Winners of Phoenix in Bloom 2019, our annual gardening competition to celebrate people’s efforts to make our community more green and beautiful.”

The past few weeks and months have had a huge impact on us all. We’ve had to change the way we live our lives as we navigate our way through unprecedented and uncertain times.

And through it all Phoenix residents and staff have demonstrated what it means to be a caring community. I couldn’t be more proud of you all.

The residents in our community have always been at the centre of our activities and the driving force behind innovations and decisions - staff and residents working together remains a strength and will see us through this pandemic. Both have responded to this crisis by volunteering and stepping up to support each other: providing food parcels and medication, helping with benefits and managing bills, connecting to the internet or simply talking with and listening to each other when needed.

But of course there has been more to the year than the coronavirus pandemic. Since our last annual report in 2019, we have continued to focus on delivering our services in a way our residents expect of us and improving them. We’ve worked to engage, consult and involve more residents in our activities, to support people into work and provide work experience for people with learning difficulties, and we’ve welcomed new residents to the Board… to name but a few of this year’s achievements.

“Together - we are building a better future for our Phoenix community”

in more ways than one as we also develop new homes and purchase and repair old ones.

Yes we are living through difficult and challenging times but resident leadership and community action are alive and well in our corner of Lewisham. Things have not come to a stop - our plans for the future are ambitious as we invest in our people, our homes and our neighbourhoods - building that better future! Anne McGurk Resident and Chair of the Board

When you see these symbols

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what we’re doing well and what needs to improve.




Where we can, we’ll compare ourselves to other housing providers based in London that manage 15,000 or less homes. This way you can see whether our performance is among the top, the middle, or among the bottom of other landlords like us.

And when we’re looking at how our performance has improved or reduced since last year, we’ll use these:


This symbol means we did better than last year.


This symbol means we did the same as last year.


This symbol means we did worse than last year.

Together – we are building a better future for our Phoenix Community.

We’ve also marked on our other highlights from this year throughout the report. Look out for this symbol to see what we’re most proud of.


Look out for this icon to see what we’re most proud of.

Finally, we’re constantly working to make the most of our money – including the rent and service charges paid by our residents – to deliver the best possible services. Throughout the report, you’ll see this symbol, which means ‘Value for Money’. It may mean we’ve improved our service without spending more money, saved money by changing something, or delivered the same service for less.

Value for money

This symbol means we are getting Value for Money.

And if you ever have any questions, we’re here to help. Just get in touch and ask.

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