What are you most proud of in our community?

“I’m most proud of the changes Phoenix is working with residents on to improve our community as a place to live. Like the Fellowship: it’s good to go somewhere local that is special.”

Simone George

Simone George has lived in her (Phoenix) home all her life and joined our Board as a tenant member in September 2019. A teacher at a secondary school, Simone found the coronavirus lockdown difficult – like many of us

– not least for teaching from home and staying indoors so strictly at the beginning of the lockdown. But, for Simone, it’s also been a chance to get to know her neighbours and do some long-delayed home improvements.

We are resident-led

As one of just a handful of resident-led housing associations in the UK, our tenants and home owners have a significant say in how we are run.

From being the largest group on our Board to being consulted on our resident-facing communications (including this report) and shaping our projects and events, you can make a real impact on Phoenix – and the wider community.

In 2019-20 this is some of what we achieved because of our community working together.

A community you shape through involvement and leadership

Policy working Group

Reviewed 20 policies

Resident Communications Group

Influenced 39 pieces of communications

Scrutiny Panel

Carried out 4 reviews (fencing, housing officers, void standard, social value)

Scrutiny Panel

Made 20 recommendations that were agreed by the Board

Scrutiny Panel

Continue to review evidence to ensure we meet and deliver the Phoenix Standards.

Phoenix Academy

31 students graduated

Home Ownership

Held 6 welcome and consultation events that 91% of attendees said they were satisfied with

The board

3 residents – two tenants and a leaseholder – joined our Board

In 2019-20 we welcomed around 2,000 people to our annual festival. 395 residents attended one of our eight Chat & Chips events. In 2020/21, we’ve sadly had to cancel the Phoenix Festival and reconsider how we deliver consultation opportunities like Chat & Chips. However, resident involvement is still who we are and that will never change. We’re delivering consultation and resident involvement opportunities by phone call, video meetings, and email. We’ll work closely with residents to maintain these opportunities and meet in person when it’s safe to do.

Being involved in Phoenix is an opportunity to help shape and steer your community. As a resident shareholder, you can vote at our annual general meeting, help choose who joins our Board, and have a say in how your community is run. Even though we can’t be together, you can be a part of it. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

in numbers

Be a part of it

3579 Shareholders and 3574 Gold Club members

Have your say

Engaged and consulted with 52% of households through events and surveys.


How we compare




Our performance compared to last year




Value for money and what we’re most proud of

Value for Money


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