What are you most proud of in our community?

“We're proud to live and work in Downham and we’re proud that Phoenix still ran a service even at the height of the pandemic, when lots of companies stopped. Volunteering to help our older and vulnerable residents was an easy decision to make – we wanted to help, and we’re proud of what the Phoenix Repairs Service was able to do.”

Denis and Paul Blyde, Phoenix Repairs Service

Paul and Denis Blyde, father and son members of our in-house repairs service, have had a busy lockdown. Since March 2020, both have been working on emergency and essential repairs, as well as volunteering in their spare time. That makes them two of 13 members of our Phoenix Repairs Service who have been using their vans to deliver food parcels and groceries to those in need during the lockdown.

Denis has also welcomed a new addition to his household, becoming a father again. Congratulations to the Blydes – and thank you.

A home to be proud of

Day-to-day repairs


Carried out 21,943 day-to-day repairs


91% of residents said they were satisfied with their last repair


Took an average of 7.85 days to complete a day-to-day repair after receiving the initial report


Carried out 95% of day-to-day repairs on the first visit


Carried out 96% of day-to-day repairs within timescale

Keeping our promise

Kept 99% of appointments

Major works

Decent Homes

Invested £167,000,000 in major works and improvements since 2007

Major work

Carried out major works to 201 homes

Building Together

New builds

78 new homes being built at the end of the year

New homes

Finished 5 new homes

New starts

Bought and fixed up 11 properties to replace 10 lost through Right to Buy or Right to Acquire

A neighbourhood to call your own

Everyone should be proud of the place they call home. Our team is committed to keeping blocks clean and safe and our estates the same.

We’ve also embarked on an ambitious planting programme to help make our community greener and more attractive, while also creating wildflower meadows not only to improve ecodiversity but to save costs in cutting the grass.

Caretaking and Estate Services


96% of inspections of internal blocks met our standard


95% of inspections of external blocks met our standard

Open space

100% of open space inspections met our standard

Greening Phoenix


Planted 319 trees


Seeded 20 wildflower beds


Planted 70 metres of hedges


Collected 622 tonnes of fly-tipping, costing us over £90,000

Penalty notice

Began issuing fixed penalty notices to fly-tippers


Resolved 100 cases of abandoned vehicles


How we compare




Our performance compared to last year




Value for money and Achievements

Value for Money


Phoenix Community Housing, The Green Man, 355 Bromley Road, London SE6 2RP.

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