What are you most proud of in our community?

“The community itself. The people in it. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Hubert Alexander

Hubert Alexander, a Phoenix resident, is one of the residents benefitting from support from our Digital Champions. During lockdown, through a partnership with the national Devicesdotnow initiative, we were able to provide some of our more vulnerable residents with devices that would

enable them to access the internet and stay in touch with family and friends. Hubert has been receiving dedicated support from our team to help ensure that, while we’re all isolated, he can stay in touch.

Letting properties and moving home

New neighbours

Welcomed 5 new leaseholders

Extra care

16 tenants moved into our extra care scheme at Hazelhurst Court (5 of whom were Phoenix tenants whose homes could be re-let)

Home sweet home

163 homes re-let

For the better

Nearly one in five (19%) of the homes we re-let were to existing Phoenix residents moving to a home better suiting their needs

Ready to go

We re-let homes that needed short term works in 22.3 days and all homes within 23.4 days

On the move

24 tenants swapped home

Managing your tenancy

Sometimes, we have to take steps to evict residents. This is always a last resort when there are no other options available to us. We’ll always work closely with residents to help them pay their rent, with colleagues dedicated to helping residents find new sources of income and better paid work.

Our message is and will remain: We’re here to help. If you need support, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner we can work together to sort things out.

In 2020/21, we evicted fewer tenants than last year – and of the tenants we evicted, fewer were evicted because of rent arrears.

Letting properties and moving home


20 tenants evicted (five fewer than last year, which is better for our community and provides value for money)

Rent arrears

Evicted 16 tenants for rent arrears (2 fewer than last year)

We supported:

• 26 households at risk • 32 households that hoard


Suspected tenancy fraud: • 40 cases open at end of year • 37 cases closed • 3 tenants returned keys, enabling us to re-let their homes to those in need


How we compare




Our performance compared to last year




Value for money and Achievements

Value for Money


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