Looking to the future

Looking to the future

The coronavirus has impacted on Phoenix as both a community and an organisation. While it’s been a difficult time for many of us, it’s been a time that has seen neighbours look out for each other and one that has helped us learn how to do things differently.

And we believe that will help us get through the crisis stronger, together.

In 2019/20, we planned what we wanted to achieve for the next five years. Those projects are set out below and we still intend to make them happen. However, in light of the coronavirus crisis, our immediate priorities for the next year are:

To keep our people safe -

our residents and staff

To keep our business secure

to ensure we can meet your needs and deliver our services

To protect and promote -

resident leadership and involvement

To prepare for what happens next

We are proud of how our staff responded to the coronavirus crisis and grateful to residents’ for their understanding when we had to close The Green Man and adapt our services.

In July 2020 871 tenants and leaseholders took part in a telephone survey to help us better understand how residents had been affected by the coronavirus. Thank you to everyone who gave their views – your feedback is very helpful and will help us to shape our plans and priorities over the next five years.

At the time of producing this report we were analysing the results of this survey. These will be published on our website and in the next issue of our resident newsletter – please look out for more information.

Young Phoenix residents at an event to mark International Women’s Day, March 2020

Over the next five years, from 2021-2026, our key projects and priorities will include:

  1. Getting to know our residents and your needs better so we can improve our services
  2. Working with residents to review our service standards
  3. Delivering actions from our governance reviews and reviewing how our subsidiaries, including our repairs service, deliver for residents.
  4. Further enhancing our approach to resident safety
  5. Continuing to deliver our Digital Together projects, to improve online service for residents and how we deliver customer services
  6. A review of our operating model which sets our the way we work and our values, so we can work better with residents to deliver our plans
  7. Building 200 new homes for our community
  8. Setting our Sustainability Strategy to help us achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050
  9. A review of how The Green Man and our other Community Centres are used so we can maximise the benefits to our community.
  10. Delivering our fencing programme
  11. Delivering a pilot to retrofit our homes and delivery of our environmental programmes
  12. Maximising choice-based lettings – so more people can move and benefit from a new home when we get an empty home or build a new ones.

Would you like to get involved in Phoenix and help us improve in 2020/21?

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you want to help us get better at communicating with residents, scrutinise our services or improve how we handle complaints, you’re welcome to be part of it.

Drop us an email or call us using the details below.

Phoenix Community Housing, The Green Man, 355 Bromley Road, London SE6 2RP.

Phoenix Community Housing Association (Bellingham and Downham Limited) is a Community Benefit Society (number 30057R). VAT number 162 4926 03. Regulator of Social Housing registration no. L4505.