What are you most proud of in our community?

“I am proud of how Phoenix supports and cares for our tenants. I am deeply proud that Phoenix built the extra care scheme at Hazelhurst Court, where I have the great satisfaction to work.”

Wioletta Jadeszko

Wioletta Jadeszko is the Extra Care Scheme Manager at Hazelhurst Court, Phoenix’s first residential development for people aged over 55. Once lockdown began, Hazelhurst Court closed to visitors to safeguard its residents, while Phoenix staff began volunteering to support residents – at Hazelhurst Court and across our community – and deliver food parcels.

We can only have pride in our community when everyone can be proud to be a part of it.

Phoenix is committed to equality, passionate about diversity, and dedicated to making sure that anyone from any walk of life can call this community home.

This means we need to maintain – and improve – our work to support vulnerable groups, to invest in communities, and ensure residents can afford not only to live in Phoenix homes but to thrive in them.

Meeting everyone’s needs in a community we can all call home


Carried out 15 Equality Impact Assessments

Gender Pay gap

Completed a staff gender pay gap assessment. We have a -8.3% median pay gap and -2.5% mean pay gap (that means female staff are on average paid better than male staff)

Help and support

Adaptations to residents’ homes • 139 minor • 22 major


Let 71% of our re-lets to households from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) households

Future fit

Refreshed our Equality Charter

Project Search

Welcomed 6 interns with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions to gain important work experience as part of Project SEARCH

In numbers (staff)


47% male, 53% female


12 have told us they have a disability


33% are from a BAME background

In numbers (residents)



24 are under 18 19 are 18-30 37 are 31-59 17 are 60+ 3 haven't told us


56 are Female 44 are Male


35 are White 4 are Mixed 3 are Asian 27 are Black 4 are other 27 haven’t told us


13 live with a disability 31 have no disability 56 haven't told us


How we compare




Our performance compared to last year




Value for money and Achievements

Value for Money


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