Some of our achievements in 2019/20:

While we’re proud to deliver services to our residents day-in, day-out, there are some things that stick out as the highlights of our year. These are some of our highlights, with others shared throughout the report.


Our finances are strong, meaning we’re in a good position to manage the impact of the coronavirus and deliver our plans for the future.

A meeting of our resident-led Board


Our performance was strong across many business areas, although it wasn’t as high as we had hoped in some. This is in part because of the time needed to embed a staff restructure and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic from March 2020.

Staff at one of our community events before lockdown


We recruited to all Board vacancies and had a successful Annual General Meeting – held for the first time at the reopened Fellowship and Star.

Residents attend our Annual General Meeting


We won 4 awards, and staff and residents spoke at conferences to raise our profile and show the value of being a resident-led housing association.

Resident Board Members among those to have spoken at conferences

While we’re also immensely proud of a speedy and efficient response to coronavirus that saw positive staff and resident feedback, this report covers our performance between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020.

While the long-term impact of the coronavirus is still unclear, we know it’s important to understand its effect on our community to date. That’s why throughout this report we’ll include information and stories of people – Phoenix residents and staff – who have gone above and beyond in this last year and during the lockdown to serve our community.

Finally, steered by our residents, we set our plans for the next five years including changing our vision statement to:

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